Announcing the Got Game 2014 Winners


We were really impressed by the entries to our “Got Game?” competition this year! Here are the winners:

1st Place – $2,500 & 1 Year of GitHub’s Medium Plan for each team member

DTTL-300Don’t Touch the Lava
by Austin Dudas and Sam Whillance

2nd Place – $1,500 & 1 Year of GitHub’s Medium Plan for each team member

BS-300Brickety Split
by Nathaniel Nelson

3rd Place -$1,000 & 1 Year of GitHub’s Medium Plan for each team member

by Rémi Vansteelandt

4th Place – a Nexus 7

BER-300Bleue et Rouge
by Kevin Nadro

5th Place – a Nexus 7

MM-300Meteor Madness
by Luis Felipe Ocampo

The three winners of our raffle have been notified via email. Each is getting a Leap Motion.

The absolute worst part of this competition is we only have prizes for 1-5 when there were a ton of other great games. Don’t let that get you down and keep making great games!

Thanks again to our fantastic sponsors for making this happen! MozillaGitHubSpil GamesLeap Motion and ImpactJS! Every one of those companies is playing a big part in moving the web forward and making games on the web even better.

  • Maciej Kwiek

    Congrats to the winners!

    As a developer of one of the games submitted, will there be any more feedback about our games? I would like to ask specifically about judge’s opinions, as it’s the only thing contributing to contest rankings that I can’t see/measure :).


    • Austin Hallock

      Judges are all super-busy guys, so they didn’t provide much feedback. I went through and wrote down my thoughts on most of the games I played through. Sent you that through email for Let’s Lance.

      • Maciej Kwiek

        Thanks a lot, I will take this email into consideration :).

  • ExK

    wasn’t aware of the competition, else I would have taken part :)

  • Slammamon

    Me and Austin were very surprised to say the least!

    I’m glad Meteor Madness got a place, I think that looked really cool :D

    Big thanks to Clay for holding the competition.

  • lalit kumar

    Thanks for this article and Great think….

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  • gfxdevrus

    yet another lava game – You Won’t Fry Me!

    The direct link to the game

    A series of tutorials for this game have been published which can be accessed by link