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Improve Your Game With...
User Accounts
Allow your players to login with, Facebook, Twitter, Persona, or a throw-away guest account.
Distribute your game to the Marketplace, Chrome Web Store, Windows App Store, Facebook, Firefox Marketplace, and 100s of other sites automatically!
In-Game Payments
Easily add a store to your game, and charge with Credit Card, Paypal, Google Wallet, and Amazon Payments.
Data Storage
Store game data to the cloud so players can resume progress regardless of the device they are playing from (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc...)
Find Publishers who are interested in purchasing non-exclusive licenses of your game.
Cross Promotion
Find new players for your game by cross promoting with other great HTML5 games.
Track important metrics for your game like plays, duration, level drop-outs, etc..., and which distribution channel is providing the most value.
With just a line of code you're able to post to, and display a leaderboard for your game. Of course, there is a lot of room for customization as well!
Easily implement advertisements in your game, and take home 50-70% of the revenue generated.
Write a single line of code and reward users with achievements at various points in your game.
Social Integration
Get your players posting to Facebook and Twitter - and inviting their friends to play your game!
And a whole lot more
Other HTML5 Game Development Tools like screenshots, cross-promotion, multiplayer rooms, and more