• The Blue Code Demo
  • The Blue Code Demo

Description: It’s a small piece of land, ruled by the Mad King, it’s in-between the Blueberry Land and the Raspberry land, a piece of land that only a few have discovered, something is keeping people away from discovering Mad King’s lands.

The Blue Code is a Vancouver Film School project by Dennis Herbobix Thisner and programmed by me. TBC is a demo right now, but will be going to Kickstarter in the following months to produce the full game.

Instructions: Click on objects to move, collect and gather information. Click and Drag objects to mix items or give to other objects and characters.

Developer: Jason Jarvis


Seems like an interesting game. I was kind of confused half the time and the colors seem to give me a headache, but everything else was nice about it. Nice art, music, and characters (the robot creeps me out though).
March 16th at 6:48pm



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