Games Load 2 to 3 times Faster


We’ve been pretty quiet lately on the blog – mostly because we’ve been busy working on some big new things for Clay (more on that soon).

One of the smaller things we’ve been up to is beefing up our infrastructure to handle the added traffic we’re getting. started out on a single Rackspace server, and spent nearly two years on that server, but the time came when that wasn’t enough. We’ve now separated our services to each live in containers that will scale better. One of the last services to get this treatment was our static game asset hosting.

Improving Game Load Times By 2-3 times

This move of our game asset hosting impacts both players and developers – it means all games on should load much quicker. In a few small tests, we’ve seen games load 2-3x quicker.

Why Such a Big Increase?

With all game assets on our Rackspace server, they were subject to the added overhead of Apache for every request, and bogged down by occasional high server load from other services.

The other major difference is the addition of a Content Delivery Network (CDN). We really should have had these files on a CDN earlier on – 1) because the files get cached, and 2) CDNs are distributed geographically. If someone in London is loading up a game that’s hosted on a server in San Francisco, the round-trip latency is going to slow things down. A CDN tries to mitigate this by serving up the file from the closest location.

Want To Try It Out?

Play a few games in the marketplace like: Treasure Arena, Battle Fish, Pathuku and Don’t Cross the Line.

Moving Forward

We’re working hard at making a better service for developers and game players alike. This is just one small update on a long list that’s in the works. Stay tuned!