Super Cool Devs: Karthik VJ

We’d like to introduce you to, Karthik VJ from, one of our outstanding game developers on Clay. Among his many enticing games, Egg is at the top of our marketplace engaging thousands of gamers every day.

The Game

Egg is a fun game which requires the simple task of landing an egg in a nest. Some nests move slow, some fast, and others are fixed in place. Don’t be too eager to tap! Coordination is key as the difficulty comes in tapping at just the right time so that the egg lands in the moving nest perfectly – engaging players to continually beat their high score. Come check it out on or on the Clay Android app!


We interviewed Karthik to get to know a little more about the creator of Egg.

 More From the Developer Himself

Clay: What got you interested in developing games and how long have you been doing it?

Karthik: I don’t know from where to start, the first game I developed was during my high school. I used Turbo C++ to develop it. After finishing it, I decided I want to make games for rest of my life. Then during my college days, I started exploring Flash. It was like magic, making games in Flash felt so easy and natural. During last 2 years I have been playing with HTML5, mainly targeting mobile/desktop web browsers. So I have been making games for 8+ years now.


Clay: What led you into developing HTML5 games?

Karthik: Two years back I had an argument with my friend, he was claiming games in mobile browser is not possible, going native is the solution. So, then I decided to make a small HTML5 game to prove my point. It started from there.


Clay: I absolutely love the game Egg, it runs very smoothly and is so addicting! What inspired your creation of this game?

Karthik: I am glad you like the game. Egg was inspired from a flash game, which I used to play almost a decade back. It has simple mechanics which was suitable for mobile web.


Clay: What HTML5 game engine did you use to create this game and why?

Karthik: I used pixi.js for rendering and howler.js for sound, because they are awesome :) pixi.js has really good community around it.


Clay: Are there currently any other great games in the making?

Karthik: Yes there is. Sorry, I cannot say more than this :)


Clay: What has been your favorite HTML5 game?

Karthik: CrossCode – Totally love it!


Clay: Keep up the good work, Karthik! We look forward to your future games. :)


Here are links to a few of Karthik’s other impressive games:

  • nas

    This game is copied. Its not an original idea. Shame on you karthik.