Super Cool Devs: Vitaliy Sidorov

Meet Vitaliy Sidorov from Silen Games, yet another stellar developer on Clay. His delectable game, Epic Ice Cream, is a favorite here at Clay.

The Game


The goal in Epic Ice Cream is to pile the cone high with the right scoops for each custom order. With each correct order the number of scoops increases – and you’ll want to get the order perfect so you can earn more money in tips. Beware! If you miss a flavor or catch the wrong flavor you’ll get a strike and once you reach 5 strikes, it’s game over. The level of intensity rises with each correct order, ice cream comes down faster and it’s more difficult to catch the right flavor with the ever increasing height of the ice cream cone. Try it out for yourself at or inside our Android or Firefox apps!


We interviewed Vitaliy to learn a bit more about his background in games.

More From the Developer Himself


Clay: What got you started in HTML5 game development?

Vitaliy: Since 2009, I have been developing web games with Flash technology. But Flash is practically not supported on mobile devices, so in 2013 I switched to HTML5 to create web games. Since the end of 2013 I made about 10 HTML5 games. Currently in my portfolio are more than 40 games for different platforms: web (Flash and HTML5), mobile and PC games.


Clay: Epic Ice Cream gave me a serious sweet tooth! What made you want to create this game?

Vitaliy: “Epic Ice Cream” was made in mid-summer, when in my area was very hot. I live in Siberia, so usually we have very hot summers and very cold winters. I think it’s time to do something like “Epic Cup of Hot Tea” :)


Clay: What HTML5 game engine did you use to create this game and why?

Vitaliy: I use GameMaker: Studio. I met with this engine in 2007 and made a few PC games with it. In 2013 I returned to GameMaker and now used it to build all my projects. The engine is a cross-platform and supports HTML5, mobile and desktop native platforms and even consoles such as PS and X-box. It’s really cool.


Clay: Are there any other mobile games currently in the making?

Vitaliy: I have three unfinished projects. These are small casual games, like the rest of my projects. But this year I plan to start a big project for a hardcore audience. It’s a big risk and I hope I have enough time and effort to bring it to release.


Clay: And lastly, what is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Vitaliy: I really like lemon flavor of ice cream ;)


Clay: We look forward for your next games to come out and good luck on your big project – sounds exciting! :D


You can check out a few of Vitaliy’s other epic games here: