The New Clay (and important updates on the old)

If you’ve visited in the last few days, you’ve noticed some substantial changes to the site. The most obvious is it looks much better, but we’ve also done significant work on the backend – rebuilding the site from scratch. Clay’s v1 served its duty for 3 years, but as a first version that was optimized for rolling out new features as quickly as possible, it wasn’t stable enough to move forward with.

A Better Experience

When designing the new site, we made sure to make the process of adding and managing games as quick and easy as possible. With the new dashboard it’s 3 quick and easy steps to get your game ready on Clay to be played by some of our millions of users. Of course, it’s also much prettier.



We mentioned this briefly in a previous blog post: we’re working on a new version of the SDK. This time around it’s much more open and robust. Have a look for yourself here:

Using the New Site

In the past few months we realized we were in way over our heads when it came to customer support. We want to provide the absolute best support, but that wasn’t possible at our size and the number of developers using the service. In order to fix this and keep the amount of developers on Clay manageable we made the new version of the site invite-only. We’ll gradually allow more and more developers until the site is completely open, but for now signups are limited. For those not invited to the new version, the old version of the site can still be accessed at

If you’d like to apply for access to the new site, you can do so here.

Better Support


In addition to slowly bringing new folks into the updated dashboard, Rachel McQuirk is joining us to help with support. She’ll be the main point of contact while the rest of us iron out bugs and develop new features. In the early days of Clay we took pride on great support – the last few months were lackluster, but we’re headed back in the right direction.

If you need help with something, send it to [email protected] and Rachel will get back to you.

How This Affects the Old API

An unfortunate side-effect of rebuilding from scratch is having to maintain two codebases. We’ve been doing this for a while, but ultimately decided to deprecate v1 of the site and API. Doing so gives us more time and resources to put toward building great new features for developers. The legacy site and API will still be available for use through May 1st, but we’ll be taking them down after that date.

Stay tuned for more great things to come :)

P.S. curious about the code powering the new site, see see the code for it here